Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Winter in Canada

It's winter here in Canada, four feet of effing snow,
Way too much to plow, and way too much to blow,
Equipment's acting wonky; fix one thing, another breaks,
And as soon as all the snow is cleared, behold, here come more flakes.

Of course I do love Canada, eight months of the year,
But those four months of winter, I could stand not being here.
I could see the snow in pictures, and say "It looks quite grand,"
From a sandy beach down south, with a glass of rum in hand.

Once Upon A Time...

It started as a fairy tale, told all in the 'verse;
Where dreams come true and words go free,
And two hearts beat in harmony,
With no need to rehearse.

Fairy tales have given way to cars and trees and things,
Like kids and chores and bills and stuff,
And clearly love is not enough,
And words begin to sting.

And just a little more each day, love gives way to fear,
As we begin to ask ourselves, what are we doing here?


Waiting for the phone call that I know is bound to come,
Waiting for the day it will have all been said and done,
Waiting for that moment of relief filled with regret,
Waiting for for that phone call every day it's not come yet.

Waiting for the phone call that I know is on it's way,
Waiting for the sadness of a burden gone away,
Waiting for the moment that is but a matter of time,
Waiting for the guilt that I know's not rightly mine.

Waiting for the phone call that I know I cannot stop,
Waiting for the sombre voice of a doctor or a cop,
Waiting for the moment I will not know what to say,
To my two most precious reasons to be strong upon that day.

Almost There

Those lazy days of yesteryear,
The weeks we spent in bed,
Have since then passed into the realm,
Of memories in our heads.

The fairy tale did run its course,
Real life has long set in,
And sometimes we can't even hear,
Our hearts above the din.

The daily struggles that we face,
So often wear us down,
And it's not quite as funny now,
When I do play the clown.

It's not that I don't realize,
How stressed that you can be,
It's just that frowns upon your face,
Are hard for me to see.

And yes, I know, that's no excuse,
When you need me to care,
Not by trying to change your mood,
But just by being there.

It seems so long we've waited for,
The moment now at hand,
(And yeah, it sucks when trucks break down,
And things don't go as planned.)

Now as we take this giant step,
I'm scared, just as are you,
It won't be easy, that I know,
But we will make it through.

And though tomorrow will be long,
With way too much to do,
At last, exhausted, we will sleep,
In our bed built for two.

Silly Poems I Posted On Facebook For Her Birthday

A brown-eyed girl did just turn thirty-nine,
Better with age, like a teaspoon of wine,
So a Happy Birthday to you,
For to my old eyes of blue,
You'll always be that hot young chick of mine.

'Y a un fille de la rive sud,
Je l'ai vu et j'ai dit «hé, c'est good».
Aujourd'hui pour sa fête,
'Y a des poèmes dans ma tête,
Au sujet d'la beauté qu'elle exsude

No Byron, nor Whitman, nor Wordsworth am I,
I'll never win a Pulitzer, no matter how I try,
But still I'll put to verse what I have now to say,
I wish you all the best and more on this, your special day.  

If to say this I might be so bold,
Thirty-nine is not really that old,
When you're still young at heart
(And my motor you start),
So, what you've already been told.
(Happy Birthday) 

Of all the presents you might get,
I've still got the best one yet,
For though the birthday may be thine,
The birthday girl is mine. 

I wrote a bunch of poems today,
For this, your day of birth,
With hope that in their silly way,`
They'd bring a bit of mirth.

They might not be be Shakespearean,
Or quite as good as Wilde,
And some of them look like they can
Be written by a child.

But it's the thought that counts, my love,
And that is my defence,
For the fine style they're lacking of
(Of which there's no pretense).

Besides, this ain't the best of it,
For some of them, I fear,
Are just a bit too explicit
To post them over here.


Words On A Screen

Words on a screen are what brought us together,
Words on a screen that we said to each other.

Words on a screen, though not what we are made of,
Words on a screen wove the first threads of our love.

Words on a screen that marked each new event,
Words on a screen that to our walls we sent.

Words on a screen, words of yours and mine,
Words on a screen, upon the line of time.

Words on a screen, without thought I did erase,
Words on a screen, gone from the book of face.

Words on a screen, though I took them all apart,
Words on a screen, stay forever in my heart.
Words on a screen, though it was wrong of me,
Words on a screen, I hope that you still see:

Words on a screen, here poetry and prose,
Words on a screen, the best of mine are yours.

A Quattuordecimensiversary Poem

It's our quattuordecimensiversary,
A word I just invented;
I looked it up on Wiki,
And though it sounds demented,
To come together in that way,
The root words all consented.

It times like these, when stress is high,
Sometimes it does some good,
To make up shit that sounds quite odd,
And so I thought I would,
In the hope that for a moment,
It just might help your mood.

It won't do much to deal with things,
It won't relieve your stress,
But if just only for a moment
(A minute, more or less),
It puts a smile on your face,
It will have passed the test.

Castles Of Silt And Sand

They hid all of Main Street away in a parking lot,
Then built a new mall where the coffee goes stale in the pot,
The rent-a-cops say, "You can't do this, don't do that;"
The old folks don't stay long enough there to take off their hats.

The spin doctor says, "It's not us, it's the way it was built,
It's ornate and it's pretty, but the castle is built upon silt,
That's why there's no running, or jumping, or just having fun,
You'll have to play quietly until the repairs are all done."

So folks wander off in a void of recalling what was,
The few that remain, in perpetual fear of the fuzz.
Just then a friend from back in the day happens by,
Who says, "There's a place; the folks might could give it a try."

It's just down the street -  the air there is not quite as stuffy,
The powers that be are not quite so huffy and puffy,
It's ornate and it's pretty, and the castle is built upon sand,
But the coffee is fresh; the barristas do not like it bland.

Only You

Tzvetanka, Tatyana - these might be hot names,
Shakylialbadoig might have fanned fantasy's flames,
Betty Boop just might have a great pair of legs,
And the googleverse might have its own share of begs.

But all the world over, to the pyramids and back,
Whatever those chicks have, there's one thing they lack,
They'll never have me, for one thing that's true:
Whoever they are, who they're not, is you.

Last Call

The chairs were stacked, the tables all clean,
The jukebox at last unplugged,
The floor was swept, the counter wiped down,
The stains removed from the rug.

The room was still, the crowd all gone home,
The posters still hung on the wall,
The door was locked for the very last time,
At last, the very last call.

Je t'aime encore...

Quand les ados font des choses très mauvaises,
Quand tu prends le chocolat pour mes fraises,
Quand ton p'tit chien fait pipi au tapis,
Quand tu préfère q'mes cheveux deviens gris,

Je t'aime encore...

Quand t'as pas le temps de raser tes jambes,
Quand tu concentre sur tes cartes et tes bombes,
Quand tu m'permet pas dès que j'veux te parler,
Quand t'es fatigué à la fin du journée,

Je t'aime encore...

Quand c'est le temps que t'as mauvais humeur,
Quand tu me dit q'tu deviendrai chômeur,
Quand nous ne voyons pas 'vec la même œil,
Quand pour ton enfance t'es pris dans le deuil,

Je t'aime encore...

Quand ça nous semble que nos rêves sont trop loin,
Quand nous sommes séparés par l'boulevard Gouin,
Quand j'dois rester ici et t'devrai être là-bas,
C'est le temps que j'rêve d’être toujours dans tes bras,

Et je t'aime encore plus...

For My Valentine

Our first Valentine's together would have been last year,
But you thought that as a second date it seemed a little queer,
And I agreed it might be awkward (though I'd still have gone),
Especially since you knew not yet if we'd be off or on.

I bought a sly card just the same, and though it was in jest,
If you'd thought to take it seriously, I'd have said, "Please, be my guest."
In any case, it all worked out, and this Cupid's Day we'll share,
For as you said, 'twas meant to be, ere I fell off my chair.

My Favourite Strings

Red swill and roses and pictures of lolcats
Dim rent-a-cop chicks and poor little rich brats
Necro-scat mentions and other gross things
These are a few of my favourite strings

M&M subtext and raw cookie dough fiends
Big tubs of Cheetos and coffee and French beans
Sauteed young wenches that the lunch bell brings 
These are a few of my favourite strings

Girls with brown eyes and some dudes in blue dresses
Grown men in diapers and shit he confesses
Robochrist preachers and monsters with wings
These are a few of my favourite strings

When the wolf bites
When the lad stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite strings
And then I don't feel so bad

If Only I Could

If only I could make your days not so long,
If only I could stop the things that go wrong,
If only I could make your job less of a grind,
If only I could ease your fatigue and your mind.

If only I could wave a wand that cleans messes,
If only I could zap away all of your stresses,
If only I could make things always run smooth,
If only I could be there now for you to soothe.

If only I could wash all your worries away,
If only I could fill you with joy every day.
If only I could wipe of your frown every trace,
If only I could put a big smile on your face,

If only I could do this and more just for you,
You know that I would, as you know I love you.