Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

In Your Eyes

I travelled the world, alone and afraid,
I wandered my whole life through.
I travelled the world, with nowhere to go,
Until the world brought me to you.

I knew right away, although it seemed weird,
That you were the one I had sought.
I knew right away, when I first saw your eyes,
That my travels had not been for naught.

Our story is new, we've only begun,
We know not what the future may hold.
Our story is new, and we may be afraid,
That our heat may one day become cold.

But I'm not afraid when I look in your eyes,
For the universe speaks to me there.
No I'm not afraid, for I know it somehow,
That a lifetime we are meant to share.

So let us go forth, one step at a time,
And enjoy each new turn on the way,
And let us go forth, as we go hand in hand,
Together to face each new day.

In your eyes
The resolution
of all the fruitless searches

Hold That Thought

The miles between us are always too much,
The time spent apart way too long,
The nights all alone without that soft touch,
Are more than is soothed by that song.

Yet we are still young, we both, as is us,
Though it often feels we've always been;
It's because of that bond (not just unfulfilled lust),
Seems so long since each other we've seen.

It's that very same bond that will help us get through,
These times, when I'm here and you're there,
For what's a few days, even one week or two?
We are young; we've a lifetime to share.

Now hold that thought
'cause girl i'm almost home

Two Precious Reasons

Good, bad and worse times, we had them all,
We went on for years, ignoring the call,
We knew it was over when we tried again,
But we had to be sure before it could end.

Again it was you with the courage to leave,
While, head in the sand, I could not yet grieve,
For the dreams and the plans that would never come true;
Even when you moved on, I waited for you.

It seemed like forever before I could see,
That us was not good, for you or for me,
That not to each other did we try to hold on,
But to an illusion whose time now is done.

It's time for us each to get on with our life,
Let's do it without all this anger and strife;
If fighting for every small thing's what we choose,
And bitterness guides us, then all of us lose.

Let us end the blame game, let our pain find release,
Let us deal with the now, let the past rest in peace.
Let us remember, before the next bout,
We share two precious reasons to get this worked out. 

There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy,
There's only you and me and we just disagree.

Ode To A Tree

May you reach for the sky as you grow your rings,
May each day be filled with wonderful things,
May you marvel in all of the joy that life brings,
May the songbird enrich you with all that he sings.

May the heart of the earth nourish your trunk,
May your bark insulate you from poisonous junk,
May you frolick in fun as a tot playing KerPlunk, 
May you stand with the calm of a Tibetan monk.

May laughing children climb on your branches,
May the breeze rustle them in fanciful dances.
May you be the object of adoring glances,
May you succeed in all of your chances.

May the bright sun shine upon your leaves,
May they float on the air and land on the eaves,
May they look down in wonder on all you conceive,
May their warmth give you faith in all you believe.

May your strength shield you from all of your fears,
May the rain gently wash away all of your tears,
May all those around you bring smiles and cheers,
May your rings grow longer in all of your years.


I travelled that other world far and wide,
Looking for what must be found inside.
I travelled that other world high and low,
Hoping to learn what I needed to know.

I travelled that other world night and day,
It took me a while to find my way.
I travelled that other world for a whole year,
Until of this one I was free of my fear.

I travelled that other world here and there,
And during my travels I became aware.
I travelled that other world hoping to see,
The love of my life; instead I found me.

I travelled that other world until I found,
My own special someone on real solid ground.
I travelled that other world having much fun,
Then made my way home; those travels are done.