Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Leaving Chaos

We arrived  here in chaos, and left here in kind,
And though we seemed to be flying blind,
We've landed there safely, if somewhat confused,
Running on adrenaline (caffeine infused).

So I sit here alone, at this grey folding table,
Writing this verse, because I'm not able,
To leave here without a few words of adieu,
Now it's time to pack up and get home to you.

Diamonds and Emeralds

Three years and a few months ago, my life began anew,
When in its way as it will do, the World led me to you,
And we embarked upon a road, you and I together,
That's had its share of twists and turns and good and stormy weather.

This year we set out on a quest, in which we sure did roam
Up and down so many streets, until we found our home ,
And as we settle in that place, and into our new life,
We ought to live in sin no more, and be husband and wife.

So I ask you Stephanie,
Will you marry me?


I've not much to write now, and not much to say,
But it seems that that last was quite full of dismay,
Which hardly seems fitting to lead to the next,
So here a short bridge of these few lines of text.

They serve no real purpose, except to provide,
A few rhyming stanzas that create a divide,
'Tween winter's lament, in its depth of despair,
And the spring on its way, with its breath of fresh air.

For here comes the sun, and with it the light,
That will glisten like diamonds and emeralds so bright.
And that is quite all that I've got now to say,
Until the next verse comes along on this way.