Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Words On A Screen

Words on a screen are what brought us together,
Words on a screen that we said to each other.

Words on a screen, though not what we are made of,
Words on a screen wove the first threads of our love.

Words on a screen that marked each new event,
Words on a screen that to our walls we sent.

Words on a screen, words of yours and mine,
Words on a screen, upon the line of time.

Words on a screen, without thought I did erase,
Words on a screen, gone from the book of face.

Words on a screen, though I took them all apart,
Words on a screen, stay forever in my heart.
Words on a screen, though it was wrong of me,
Words on a screen, I hope that you still see:

Words on a screen, here poetry and prose,
Words on a screen, the best of mine are yours.


emerald said...

Yes, there were words on a screen, and without being able to explain, the feelings now that come after if the meanings and feelings behind those words deleted, have been discarded as well. My feelings triggered by extreme fatigue, the changes of children growing and this darn job that pays the bills barely and takes me away from the life I want. I think very soon, I will be able to realize I can stop proving to myself that I can face these challenges without breaking down and dying, I will chose a better path to live my best life. These feelings are just feelings, they will pass, and I chose to walk this new path with you, my love, even if those words were deleted. Realize, this job and you "started" the same day, you have walked with me this whole way; you, I don't want to change, this job, that is another story all together ... sleep well. xxx

kikinotdee said...

Oh my God you two would have inspired Shakespeare with this love!
That was a lovely appology legs :)