Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...


Waiting for the phone call that I know is bound to come,
Waiting for the day it will have all been said and done,
Waiting for that moment of relief filled with regret,
Waiting for for that phone call every day it's not come yet.

Waiting for the phone call that I know is on it's way,
Waiting for the sadness of a burden gone away,
Waiting for the moment that is but a matter of time,
Waiting for the guilt that I know's not rightly mine.

Waiting for the phone call that I know I cannot stop,
Waiting for the sombre voice of a doctor or a cop,
Waiting for the moment I will not know what to say,
To my two most precious reasons to be strong upon that day.


emerald said...

my love, you are not alone. i pray, while you wait, I hope that call is far in the future. we are doing what we can. I share in this helpless feeling, together we can face this, no matter when that call ever comes.

kikinotdee said...

This feels really sad Legs, I hope that phone call is a long way away x

Anonymous said...

Em and Kiki said it best...I can only echo it.


Kevin Routh said...


Andréa Hector-Brown said...

i'm always waiting for strength. knowing that you wait as well, helps me gain more, because i'm not alone.