Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...


The Stranger awoke but could not see a thing,
He wondered what evil the nighttime did bring,
For there was no light; he was but a ghost,
No more than a shadow of his former host.

He tried every door and found each one locked;
Through the walls he heard voices, some of them shocked
At his absence mysterious, for he'd been there so long,
That many did wonder what could have gone wrong.

"A bug must have bitten" was the common refrain,
Conjecture abounded, no real insight gained.
He listened intently, his ear to the track,
While he did what he could to get his self back.

He called to an angel, a god was invoked,
Acquittal was granted, the sentence revoked.
It seemed that it all had been a mistake,
And with little time lost, he was able to wake.

His world was set right, his light shone again,
And his only reply, when asked now and then,
What had caused this seemingly random attack,
"I can't really say, I'm just glad to be back."

The Calm Before The Storm

The silence roared, 
The darkness shone,
The stillness rumbled on,
The absent here,
The sharpness dull,
The emptiness was full.

The mute did speak,
The deaf did hear,
The courage full of fear,
The blind did see,
The hid were seen,
The ends were in between.

The silence roared,
The terror calmed
The darkness of the morn,
The end begins,
Beginnings end,
The calm before the storm,