Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Just Another Girl

Once there was a just-a-girl,
Who wasn't really real,..
But in her virtuality,
She'd make the real folks feel.

They loved her or they hated her,
There was no in between,
But one and all did come to see,
That there she was the queen.

Then one dark day she went too far,
In talking without fear;
When she was warned but didn't heed,
Her throne did disappear.

She came back briefly as a ghost,
A shadow of herself,
She shared a few words with old friends,
Then took them off the shelf.

Then for reasons quite unknown,
She came back not much later,
Or did she? Some folks thought it might
Be just an imitator.

But if one could be so like her,
With every little tweak,
It makes one think she never was,
Quite all that unique.