Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

My Favourite Strings

Red swill and roses and pictures of lolcats
Dim rent-a-cop chicks and poor little rich brats
Necro-scat mentions and other gross things
These are a few of my favourite strings

M&M subtext and raw cookie dough fiends
Big tubs of Cheetos and coffee and French beans
Sauteed young wenches that the lunch bell brings 
These are a few of my favourite strings

Girls with brown eyes and some dudes in blue dresses
Grown men in diapers and shit he confesses
Robochrist preachers and monsters with wings
These are a few of my favourite strings

When the wolf bites
When the lad stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite strings
And then I don't feel so bad


Anonymous said...

yeah, me too. I just didn't know the words to say so Thanks :)

Cayman said...

Awesome! And I'd concur, good times and good memories.

kikinotdee said...

I like it and now i'm going to be huming that tune all day !

Kevin Routh said...

Awesome! I had to sing it out loud... :)

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Good gawd, how eloquent! Let's drink to that!

Just Me said...

Brilliant!A song to savour for long!

Ody-one said...

Nice rhyme scheme. Good to meet a fellow poet. I am new but you should check out my blog. Take care.