Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

When Words Go Free

Your words did leave me speechless,
When I read them on your screen;
The way you wrote them was quite clear,
There was no "in-between".

There are those I've loved before,
(Just as you have too)
But no-one ever shared themselves,
Quite fully as have you.

When I said those little words,
I knew they might scare you,
But what I didn't tell you then,
Is that they scared me too.

I didn't know how you'd react,
I was scared you'd run away,
But the way you held me then,
Said more than words could say.

All these words of mine you read,
Should come as no surprise,
For they reflect what I see when,
I look into your eyes.

Emerald Dream

I wake up alone, in this big empty bed,
Remnants of dreams fade in my head.
I look next to me and you are not there;
To wake up with you, I would go anywhere.

It's happened so fast (though we'd waited so long),
This craziness that weakens, and makes us strong.
And if they are tough, these days we're apart,
It's only because we beat with one heart.

We know in that heart that the day will be here,
Perhaps in some months, at most in a year,
That we'll wake up together each day with a gleam,
'Til then I'll take comfort in my emerald dream.

Days Like These

On days like these, when things go wrong,
And cars break down, and it's been too long
Since we last held each other tight,
I know in my heart it'll all be alright.

So let the Universe have its PMS,
Let it pile on the things that stress;
For those shall pass,  while this stays true:
Whatever may come won't keep me from you.

On another, but somewhat related note,
That has nothing to do with cars or a boat,
I thought that place was magic, and I still do
Though I never knew magic until I met you.

Theories And Other Things

If we are crazy, so be it.
What does it matter,
when everything fits?

I'm mad as you, you're mad as me;
As long as we're both mad, I don't see
Any problem with that.
So tell me, do you?
(What we need most is a bed built for two.)

In saying this here, in this bad free form verse,
I could well be making our condition worse,
Which is fine by me, and if you don't mind,
I won't be deterred by the wikis you find.

But for you I'll keep reading them
'Til I go blind.