Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

For My Valentine

Our first Valentine's together would have been last year,
But you thought that as a second date it seemed a little queer,
And I agreed it might be awkward (though I'd still have gone),
Especially since you knew not yet if we'd be off or on.

I bought a sly card just the same, and though it was in jest,
If you'd thought to take it seriously, I'd have said, "Please, be my guest."
In any case, it all worked out, and this Cupid's Day we'll share,
For as you said, 'twas meant to be, ere I fell off my chair.


emerald said...

Happy Valentine's Day Love!!! xxx

kikinotdee said...

Awww you big softy!

Kevin Routh said...

Well done!