Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Eyes Wide Open

She walked into the bar;
(He'd always been right there.)
Their eyes met from afar,
And they became aware.

They talked, and laughed and sang,
And found their heart's content,
In secret chats, and dang,
The time just came and went.

They'd known right from the the start,
That it might never be,
Which did not stop their hearts,
From longing to be free.

And though it often seemed,
There was no point in hoping,
Each night they would dream
With their eyes wide open.


Cayman said...

Exactly, my friend.

Just Me said...

What Cayman said.

The Book of Drachma said...

No point in hoping? Indeed what else is there?
That's what dreams are for.

Scoop said...

I really like this one... a lot. I tend to see things I read as if it's a scene in a movie; and with well-written poetry I can often direct the videography in my head. This one had me entering the scene right over "her" shoulder as she engaged the subject... fantastic. Loved the use of the parentheses to control the tone as well... Thanks for the great read!