Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...


She ran with passion, she ran with fire,
She climbed til she could get no higher,
And then, as happens with things like this,
She fell right into real life's abyss.

He said to her, "I'm going home now, bye,"
And left her there alone to cry.
She sat in shock, too numb to feel,
She wouldn't accept it hadn't been real.

She ran away to a virtual world,
And played there while her life unfurled,
And not quite ready for someone else,
She slowly started to find herself.

As time went by, she realized,
She'd seen real love in the one pair of eyes,
That had always seen the beauty in her,
Even when the mirror left her not quite sure.
(Especially then.)

And so she began the journey back home,
Not knowing if he could forgive that she'd roamed,
But knowing that if what she felt now was real,
And he felt the same, in time all would heal.

And they'd watch, hand in hand, as their sons became men,
And she knew what her greatest hope would be then:
That through all the good and through all the bad,
That life can bring on, they'd turn out like their dad.

For though he's not perfect, and sure has his faults,
He's worth more than what's in any bank vaults;
To the pyramids and back she went for to see,
The real treasure 'neath her sycamore tree.


Just Me said...

Oh my!Really beautiful!So back to the sycamore tree again!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I feel like I should have a better response, but awesome is all I've got. Like 1000 hot dogs worth of awesome. I'll shut up now.


The Book of Drachma said...

I'd have to echo what CmB said, with the added notion that it is my hope that someday, when your pieces get published, you'll remember us little people. Now go, enjoy that boat.

Kelly said...

But we cannot find beauty in other until we find it in ourselves...

flip said...

(especially then)
I really liked that.