Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

A Day

(Written in the early 1990's as Rhysling)

A day is as a passing light,
For it will fade and turn to night.
Fill it up with what is right,
And it will shine so very bright.

A day's a treasure to behold,
To make your many dreams unfold,
To put to action plans so bold,
To live each minute, young or old.

A day will come and it will go,
But it will not come back you know;
You have it once, and then no more,
Waste it not, for this is so:

A broken day you cannot mend,
It gives you back just what you send.
So don't delay until the end,
Tomorrow never comes my friend.

So treasure each and every day,
Use it well and come what may,
As travel on your way,


Just Me said...


Buddy, you are a natural poet without doubt!

TracyRobin said...

This is a wonderful piece. So true... live well today for tomorrow is not guaranteed. :)

Dr. Bob said...

I wish I learned that in third grade. It might have made my life easier. By fourth grade my teachers and I would have found it too fundamental and somewhat childish for 11 year olds.

Nacomy Blue said...

This is beautiful.
you have a wonderful way with words!