Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Need You Tonight

"Don't worry, everything will work itself out."
These are the words that I say,
When you're tired and stressed and not feeling great,
After you've had a hard day.

Because I'm the calm one, rolling along,
Taking things just as they come,
Knowing that somehow it will all be alright.
So why am I now feeling numb?

Is it because it seems so far away
Until we can all live together?
Is that why tonight I feel so insecure?
Or is it just only the weather?

Whatever it is, I know it will pass;
Tomorrow I'll wake up just fine,
And I'll get back on track to do what must get done,
Before I can ask you, "be mine."

And yes love, I know, you already are,
Just as you know I am yours,
But sometimes my fears get the better of me,
And old doubts sneak up from before.

But those too shall pass, and it will be okay,
And things will fit right into place;
It's just one of those nights that I really need to
Look into your eyes, touch your face.


emerald said...

I love how you remind me why I love you.
hugs (cyber ones till I can in person)

Scoop said...

I had read this one before and was glad to read it again. The emotion is obviously very real and comes across as very genuine in this piece. Nice Poem!

HappyMichAngryMich said...


Just Me said...

Very touching!