Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

'Twas The Night Before 2K (v2.1)

'Twas sometime way back in two-thousand and nine,
I finally ceded that it's about time,
To upgrade my desktop to Windows 2K,
And then write this verse to honour the day:

'Twas the night before 2K, and all through the net,
The chat rooms were buzzing as the nerds placed their bets.
The odds were against him, the system too old,
When he said "I can do this", they thought him too bold.

Then from across the web, he found the right page on google,
With just the right hotfix for the latest bondoogle.
He shouted "Up yours Bill, up Office, up XP, up Vista!"
And pounded the keys 'til his fingas got blistas.

With his good buddy Maxwell he worked through the night,
"Known issue" by issue, he made it all right..
He recovered his FrontPage and made WebPost work
And brought back IE6, while he called Bill a jerk.

He kept all his settings while he did the update,
(With a full system backup, lest he fall prey to fate.)
From dusk until dawn until dusk and again,
He toiled away 'til that great moment when
He looked up at the screen with delight as he said,
"Happy 2K to all, now I'm going to bed."

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