Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Stayed Away Too Long

A year is way too long a time,
To not have written you a rhyme,
I had no clue it's been so long,
But knowing now, it just seems wrong
That in this year of stress at home,
I didn't even write one poem.

But as bad as that does make me feel,
I blame it on this world that's real.
The one with cars and trees and people and stuff,
Where no matter what you do it's never enough,
And there's always shit that doesn't get done,
And there's hardly ever time for fun.

I miss that world where we once did play,
And though I know that we couldn't stay,
In a fairy tale in a world of dreams,
I can't help but feel that still it seems
Like I alone have failed to bring to life
A real world where we've much less strife.

So here I am, once more rhyming away
My failures with hopes for a much better day,
As if writing a poem will right my mistakes,
And parsing it well is all that it takes
To undo all my faults and make things seem all right,
And bring back the dreams that kept us up all night.

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