Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...


A million tales, a thousand yarns, one giant ball of thread,
The greatest pantry ever built, each morsel ever fed,
Preserved for all eternity, the living and the dead,
The stars that help to mark the way, the posts read and unread.

We thought forever it would stand, for all time it would last,
Bringing forth to future eyes, these views into the past,
Until one day the note appeared, into the void they'd blast,
All that had been ever there, and readers were aghast.

"How could they do this?" many asked, the answer never came,
Just vague remarks on focusing, and cop-outs just as lame,
And in the end a lesson learned, a new rule to the game:
Don't trust the plex with anything, 'tis all prone to the flame.