Before words could go free,
there was a Stranger In A Strange Town...

Ode To A Tree

May you reach for the sky as you grow your rings,
May each day be filled with wonderful things,
May you marvel in all of the joy that life brings,
May the songbird enrich you with all that he sings.

May the heart of the earth nourish your trunk,
May your bark insulate you from poisonous junk,
May you frolick in fun as a tot playing KerPlunk, 
May you stand with the calm of a Tibetan monk.

May laughing children climb on your branches,
May the breeze rustle them in fanciful dances.
May you be the object of adoring glances,
May you succeed in all of your chances.

May the bright sun shine upon your leaves,
May they float on the air and land on the eaves,
May they look down in wonder on all you conceive,
May their warmth give you faith in all you believe.

May your strength shield you from all of your fears,
May the rain gently wash away all of your tears,
May all those around you bring smiles and cheers,
May your rings grow longer in all of your years.


Just Me said...

Dearest Legacy, this is poetry with deep, deep roots & all embracing branches.

I am sure many birds would love to build their nests and many squirrels go scampering up and down in the world of your tree.

Maybe, one day, I can aspire to be one...dang, there's no one day, its NOW, right?

LFC_Loads said...

Ahhh the relief when I see a new post from Legs on my dashboard.

Once again very well written. Keep it up.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

The ultimate refreshment of any thirty soul, the warmth and solace of the strong tree, immortalized by the words of the Sensei.

dead-girl said...

Trees, I love them :)